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*autorun-modules*   [Variable]

Indicates whether a module should evaluate autorun forms when it is loaded.

Package   :common-lisp-user (also imported into and exported from :module-manager)

Module   :module-manager

Value type   A generalized boolean

Initial value   True

The value of *autorun-modules* can be used to conditionally evaluate forms when module files are loaded. By default, the value of *autorun-modules* is set to true, but it can be set or bound to nil to disable conditional autorun forms. The compile-module or load-module option :noautorun can also be specified to bind *autorun-modules* to nil during module compilation and loading.

See also

Conditionally evaluate the http-test function when the file http-test.lisp that includes the following form is loaded:

  (when common-lisp-user::*autorun-modules*
    (http-test "GBBopen.org" 80))

The GBBopen Project

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