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compile-module   module-name &rest options[Function]

Compiles and loads the files in a module.

Package   :module-manager

Module   :module-manager

Arguments and values

module-name     A keyword symbol naming a module
option     Any of the following keywords:

:create-dirs Creates any needed directories that are missing in the compiled-file tree
:noautorun Binds *autorun-modules* to nil during compilation and loading
:nopatches Do not compile or load any patches
:nopropagate Cancels (overrides) a specified :propagate option
:patches-only    Do not compile or load/reload any non-patch files (binds *patches-only* to t during compilation and loading)
:print Incrementally prints information during compilation and loading
:propagate Applies the specified options to all required modules
:recompile Compiles files even if the existing compiled file is newer than the source file
:reload Loads files even if they are already loaded
:source Loads from the source file even if the existing compiled file is newer than the source file (implies :reload)

Module module-name has not been defined.
A relative directory specification contains a circularity.
Module module-name or one of its required modules has not been loaded and *patches-only* is true.

These file options, when specified for individual files in the module definition (see define-module), have the following effects (overriding the behavior of options supplied to compile-module):

:developing If the patch file has changed, recompile and reload it (patch files only)
:forces-recompile    If the file has changed, recompile and reload all subsequent files and modules
:noload Compile, but do not load the file
:recompile Always recompile the file
:reload Always reload the file
:skip-recompile    Skip recompiling the file if it has been loaded already
(takes precedence over other recompilation decisions)
:source Do not compile the file (load the source instead)

See also

Compile and load the GBBopen User module and all its required modules, creating new compilation directories if they do not exist already:

  (compile-module :gbbopen-user :propagate :create-dirs)

Compile-module can be invoked using the REPL command:

  :cm [module-name [option*]]
which remembers the last specified module-name and options as default values for the command.

The GBBopen Project

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