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*automatically-create-missing-directories*   [Variable]

Controls whether any directories that are missing in the compiled-file tree should be created when needed.

Package   :common-lisp-user (also imported into and exported from :module-manager)

Module   :module-manager

Value type   A generalized boolean

Initial value   t

By default, the Module Manager will create any needed directories in the compiled-file tree automatically during module compilation. For tighter control over new directory creation, *automatically-create-missing-directories* can be set to nil, causing compile-module to signal a continuable error during compilation if a needed directory is missing in the compiled-file tree. When *automatically-create-missing-directories* has been set to nil, the compile-module option :create-dirs provides a convenient way to bind *automatically-create-missing-directories* to true during compilation of a specified module.

See also

Have the Module Manager generate a continuable error during module compilation when a needed directory in the compiled-file tree is missing (and the compile-module option :create-dirs was not specified when compiling the module needing that missing directory):

  (setf common-lisp-user::*automatically-create-missing-directories* nil)

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