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load-module   module-name &rest options[Function]

Load the files in a module.

Package   :module-manager

Module   :module-manager

Arguments and values

module-name     A keyword symbol naming a module
option     Any of the following keywords:

:noautorun Binds *autorun-modules* to nil during loading
:nopatches Do not load any patches
:nopropagate    Cancels (overrides) a specified :propagate option
:patches-only    Do not load/reload any non-patch files (binds *patches-only* to t during loading)
:print Incrementally prints information during loading
:propagate Applies the specified options to all required modules
:reload Loads files even if they are already loaded
:source Loads from the source file even if the existing compiled file is newer than the source file (implies :reload)

Module module-name has not been defined.
A relative directory specification contains a circularity.
Module module-name or one of its required modules has not been loaded and *patches-only* is true.

These file options, when specified for individual files in the module definition (see define-module), have the following effects (overriding the behavior of options supplied to load-module):

:developing If the compiled patch file has changed, reload it (patch files only)
:forces-recompile    If the file has changed, recompile and reload all subsequent files and modules
:noautorun    Binds *autorun-modules* to nil during compilation and loading
:print Incrementally prints information during compilation and loading
:reload Always reload the file
:source Do not compile the file (load the source instead)

See also

Load the GBBopen User module and all its required modules:

  (load-module :gbbopen-user)

Load-module can be invoked using the REPL command:

  :lm [module-name [option*]]
which remembers the last specified module-name and options as default values for the command.

The GBBopen Project

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