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Module Manager Facility

The Module Manager Facility provides a lightweight and easy to use mechanism for compiling and loading module files. The facility keeps track of the dependencies between modules and the modules that have been compiled and loaded. The Module Manager Facility was designed to be easy to use, yet it is powerful enough to manage substantial software projects, each operating on multiple hardware platforms and Common Lisp implementations. Other, more complex, defsystem packages, such as (ASDF), are available, but their complexity makes defining and maintaining correct system definitions difficult.

The :module-manager module is automatically loaded by the GBBopen <install-directory>/startup.lisp file (by the module-manager-loader.lisp file located in the module-manager subdirectory). If a gbbopen-init.lisp file (source or compiled) is present in the user's “home” directory, it is loaded immediately following the loading of the Module Manager Facility. A personal <homedir>/gbbopen-init.lisp file is very useful for defining GBBopen parameters and other personalizations (see the GBBopen start-up description).

Key concepts

The Module Manager Facility incorporates several important concepts:

Stand-alone usage

To bootstrap the Module Manager Facility stand-alone (separate from the GBBopen Project software tree), do the following:

After performing the above steps, the Module Manager can be used stand-alone by loading source/module-manager-loader.lisp as part of your Common Lisp initialization.


The GBBopen Project

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