Application Stories

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Photo credit: USAF

GBBopen Down Under — Field deployments of the GBBopen-based CNAS atmospheric sensor-agent network at the 2007 Talisman-Saber Combined Exercise held in Queensland, Australia.
(ATSN-08, May 2008)

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Photo credit: USAF

Radio Silence — Design of CNAS (Collaborative Network for Atmospheric Sensing), a network of GBBopen-based sensor agents. The battery-powered PASTA Microsensor used in each CNAS agent is the smallest known GBBopen host! CNAS was demonstrated at the 2006 PATRIOT Exercise held at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.
(ATSN-07, May 2007)

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Photo credit: NASA

Liftoff! — Not a GBBopen application, but one that has been running 24x7 since November 4, 1995 on GBBopen's ancestor (GBB). This article is an invited account of the importance that GBB and its blackboard-system capabilities played in the rapid development of the ground-based portion of the RADARSAT-1 Mission Control System.
(CACM 40(5):848-858, May 1997)

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