GBBopen development is ongoing. Lists of recently completed, underway, and pending implementation activities are maintained on our “Development status” page. We encourage frequent updating to keep abreast of the latest capabilities and enhancements.

Latest GBBopen Repository Snapshot

The latest GBBopen repository snapshot is:

This archive also includes the PDF GBBopen Reference Manual, the PDF GBBopen Tutorial, and the GBBopen REPL Commands Quick Reference Card (captured at the same time as the snapshot). Subversion .svn administrative directories are included in the archive, so a Subversion update command can be used to freshen a GBBopen installation that was extracted from a snapshot archive.

Subversion Access

You can also get the very latest GBBopen files directly via Subversion:

  svn co gbbopen
A directory tree rooted at the directory named gbbopen will be created. At any later time, you can issue the command:
  svn update 
from within that directory.

GBBopen development is ongoing, and you should update your GBBopen installation regularly in order to obtain the latest capabilities and enhancements. Using Subversion is the easiest way to keep current, and you are strongly encouraged to install a Subversion client and use it perform frequent updates.

The PDF versions of the GBBopen Reference Manual and the GBBopen Tutorial are not maintained in the repository. If you downloaded a PDF copy of the Manual or Tutorial, we recommend that you refresh them periodically.

Browsing the GBBopen Repository

The GBBopen repository can be browsed at