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delete-instance   unit-instance => deleted-unit-instance[Generic Function]

Delete a unit instance.

Method signatures

delete-instance  (unit-instance deleted-unit-instance) => deleted-unit-instance
delete-instance  (unit-instance standard-unit-instance) => deleted-unit-instance
delete-instance  (space-instance standard-space-instance) => deleted-unit-instance

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

unit-instance     The unit instance (or space instance) to be deleted
deleted-unit-instance     The deleted unit-instance object, whose class has been changed to a deleted-unit-instance unless *skip-deleted-unit-instance-class-change* is true

The deleted instance deleted-unit-instance.

A delete-instance-event is signaled at the start of the deletion process and an instance-deleted-event is signaled when the deletion has been completed. The following events may also be signaled:

If *skip-deleted-unit-instance-class-change* is nil, the generic function deleted-instance-class is called by delete-instance to determine the class to be used as the changed class for the deleted-unit-instance.

See also

Create, then delete, a hyp unit instance:

  > (delete-instance (make-instance 'hyp :location '(896 388) :belief .68))
  #<deleted-unit-instance hyp 311>

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