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delete-blackboard-repository   &key all-classes disable-events retain-classes[Function]

Delete all unit and space instances.

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

all-classes     A generalized boolean (default is nil)
disable-events     A generalized boolean (default is t)
retain-classes     An extended unit-classes specification (see below)

If disable-events is nil, the following events may be signaled as unit instances and space instances are deleted:

Detailed syntax

unit-classes-specifier ::= t | single-unit-class-specifier | (single-unit-class-specifier+)

single-unit-class-specifier ::= atomic-unit-class | (atomic-unit-class subclassing-specifier)
atomic-unit-class ::= unit-class | unit-class-name

Calling delete-blackboard-repository deletes all unit instances and space instances that have not been defined with a :retain class option (unless overridden by all-classes). All unit instances of unit classes specified by retain-classes are also retained. If both all-classes and retain-classes are specified, the classes specified retain-classes are retained, but all other unit instances are deleted. The instance-name counters of all non-retained unit classes are reset to their initial values.

Delete-blackboard-repository does not undefine any class definitions, functions, methods, etc.

See also

Delete all unit instances and space instances (except for the unit instances of unit classes that have been defined to be retained by default):

As above, but also delete all unit instances of unit classes that have been defined to be retained by default:
  (delete-blackboard-repository :all-classes 't)

This function and reset-gbbopen are the only GBBopen functions that disable event signaling by default. This conflicts with the normal use of with-events-disabled and with-events-enabled macros for controlling event signaling, but having events disabled is the desired behavior in almost every delete-blackboard-repository situation.

The GBBopen Project

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