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deleted-instance-class   unit-instance => class[Generic Function]

Return the class to be used for a deleted unit instance.

Method signatures

deleted-instance-class  (unit-instance standard-unit-instance) => #<standard-class deleted-unit-instance>

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

unit-instance     The unit instance (or space instance) to be deleted
class     A class or a non-nil, non-keyword symbol that names a class (the default method returns the class deleted-unit-instance)

The class or symbol naming the class to be used as the changed class for the deleted instance.

This generic function is called by delete-instance to determine the class to be used as the changed class for a deleted unit instance. The returned class must be a subclass of deleted-unit-instance, but it must not be a subclass of standard-unit-instance.

See also

Define a class to be used for deleted hyp unit instances and a deleted-instance-class method to use deleted-hyp as the class for deleted hyp (and subclasses of hyp) unit instances:

  > (define-class deleted-hyp (deleted-unit-instance)
  #<standard-class deleted-hyp>
  > (defmethod deleted-instance-class ((hyp hyp))
      (load-time-value (find-class 'deleted-hyp)))

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