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with-saving/sending-block   (stream &key package read-default-float-format value) form* => result*[Macro]

Bind printer and GBBopen save/send control variables) to values that produce standard GBBopen save/send-object behavior when evaluating forms.

Package   :gbbopen-tools

Module   :gbbopen-tools

Arguments and values

stream     A stream
package     A package designator indicating the package to be used when saving/sending and when loading/receiving (default is :common-lisp)
read-default-float-format     One of the atomic type specifiers short-float, single-float, double-float, or long-float (default is single-float)
value     An object to be saved/sent and bound to *block-saved/sent-value* when loading/receiving with with-reading-saved/sent-objects-block (default is nil)
forms     An implicit progn of forms to be evaluated
results     The values returned by evaluating the last form

The values returned by evaluating the last form.

Within the dynamic extent of the body of forms, all Common Lisp printer control variables (including any implementation-defined ones) and GBBopen save/send control variables are bound to values that produce standard GBBopen save/send-object behavior. The function save-blackboard-repository establishes a with-saving/sending-block when saving the blackboard repository, and this macro can be used in constructing specialized saving/sending operations.

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