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unlinkf   link-slot-place unit-instance-or-instances => unit-instance-or-instances[Macro]

Remove a link between a unit instance and one or more unit instances.

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

link-slot-place     A form which is suitable for use as a generalized reference to a link slot
unit-instance-or-instances     A unit instance, a link-pointer object, or a list of unit instances and link-pointer objects

The supplied unit-instance-or-instances.

An unlink-event is signaled for:

See also

Remove support-hyp from the supporting-hyps link slot of the hyp unit instance unit-instance:

  > (unlinkf (supporting-hyps-of unit-instance) support-hyp)
  #<hyp 231 (1488 7405) 0.63 [0..8]>
The above, but this time showing that the support-hyp can be a link-pointer object:
  > (linkf (supporting-hyps-of unit-instance) support-hyp)
  #<hyp 231 (1488 7405) 0.63 [0..8]>
  > (unlinkf (supporting-hyps-of unit-instance) 
             (make-instance 'link-ptr-with-value
                 :link-instance support-hyp))
  #<link-ptr-with-value #<hyp 231 (1488 7405) 0.63 [0..8]>
  > (supporting-hyps-of unit-instance)

The GBBopen Project

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