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standard-link-pointer   [Class]

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

The class standard-link-pointer is a subclass of standard-gbbopen-instance with one direct slot, link-instance, and the slot accessor, link-instance-of. Standard-link-pointer is a useful superclass for defining objects that can be used as a link pointer.

See also

Define a link-pointer object class that can be used to associate a value with a link pointer:

  (define-class link-ptr-with-value (standard-link-pointer)
     ((value :initform nil)))
and an informative print-instance-slots method:
  (defmethod print-instance-slots ((obj link-ptr-with-value) stream)
    (print-instance-slot-value obj 'value stream))

The GBBopen Project

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