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link-slot-p   slot => slot-or-nil[Generic Function]

Determine if a slot meta-object is a link slot.

Method signatures

link-slot-p  (slot direct-link-definition) => slot
link-slot-p  (slot effective-link-definition) => slot
link-slot-p  (slot slot-definition) => nil

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

slot     A slot meta object
slot-or-nil     A slot meta object or nil

The slot if it is a link slot; nil otherwise.

See also

Return the names of the link slots of the hyp unit class:

  > (loop for slot in (class-slots (find-class 'hyp)) 
       if (link-slot-p slot) collect (slot-definition-name slot))
  (supporting-hyps supported-hyps)

The GBBopen Project

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