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undefmethod   function-name {method-qualifier}* specialized-lambda-list [[declaration* | documentation]] form*[Macro]

Locate and undefine a method.

Package   :gbbopen-tools

Module   :gbbopen-tools

Arguments and values

function-name     Either a symbol or (setf symbol)
method-qualifier     A non-list method qualifier object (such as :before, :after, or :around)
specialized-lambda-list     A specialized lambda list (as per defmethod)
declarations     A declare expression (not evaluated)
documentation     A documentation string (not evaluated)
forms     Zero or more forms

See also

After creating an undesired method, use undefmethod to remove it:

  > (defmethod instance-name-of :before ((instance standard-unit-instance))
       (print "Oops"))
  #<standard-method instance-name-of :before (standard-unit-instance)>
  > (instance-name-of (find-instance-by-name 112 'hyp))
  > (undefmethod instance-name-of :before ((instance standard-unit-instance)))
  #<standard-generic-function instance-name-of>
  > (instance-name-of (find-instance-by-name 112 'hyp))

This macro may not be able to locate and undefine some methods with environment-specific eql specializers.

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