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*sym-file-verbose*   [Variable]

Controls whether the mapping from *.sym pseudo-symbolic-link files to target module directories is shown during gbbopen-modules directory processing.

Package   :common-lisp-user

Module   Defined in gbbopen-modules-directory.lisp

Value type   A generalized boolean

Initial value   nil

Show *.sym pseudo-symbolic-link file to target module-directory mapping gbbopen-modules directory processing on startup module loading (after <install-directory>/initiate.lisp has been loaded):

  > (setf *sym-file-verbose* 't)
  > :startup
  ;; Loading <install-dir>/startup.lisp
  ;; GBBopen is installed in <install-dir>
  ;; Your "home" directory is <homedir>
  ;;  Loading <install-dir>/source/module-manager/module-manager-loader.lisp
  ;;   Loading <install-dir>/source/module-manager/module-manager.lisp
  ;;     Loading <install-dir>/source/module-manager/module-manager-user.lisp
  ;;  Loading <install-dir>/source/modules.lisp
  ;; No shared module definitions were found in <install-dir>/shared-gbbopen-modules/.
  ;; Loading personal module definitions from <homedir>/gbbopen-modules/...
  ;; Pseudo (*.sym) link <homedir>/gbbopen-modules/an-app.sym --> /usr/local/an-app/
  ;;  Loading /usr/local/an-app/modules.lisp

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