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svn-version   &key directory program => version-string-or-nil[Function]

Obtain the Subversion compact version number of a working copy.

Package   :gbbopen-tools

Module   :os-interface

Arguments and values

directory     One of the following:

(default is the GBBopen install directory)
program     A string specifying the name of the program to be run (default is "svnversion")
version-string-or-nil     A string or nil

A string containing the compact version number or nil if the program svnversion cannot be found or the specified directory is not in a Subversion working copy.

LispWorks (non-Windows platforms) and SBCL do not use a search path for locating program, the full path must be specified in the program string.


  > (svn-version)
  > (svn-version :program "/usr/bin/svnversion")
  > (svn-version :directory ':my-app-root)

The GBBopen Project

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