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suspend-event-printing   [event-class-specifier [unit-class-or-instance-specifier]] &key slot-names paths[Function]

Suspend the printing of printing-enabled events for one or more event classes.

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

event-class-specifier     An extended event-class specification (see below; default is t)
unit-class-or-instance-specifier     An extended unit-class or instance specification (see below; default is t)
slot-names or slot-name      A slot-name or list of slot-names (default is t)
paths or path      A space-instance path regular expression (default is (*))

Detailed syntax

event-class-specifier ::= atomic-event-class | (atomic-event-class subeventing-specifier) | t

atomic-event-class ::= event-class | event-class-name
subeventing-specifier ::= :plus-subevents | :no-subevents + | =

The shorthand + subevents specifier is equivalent to :plus-subevents and = to :no-subevents.

unit-class-or-instance-specifier ::= unit-instance | (unit-instance*) |
atomic-unit-class |
(atomic-unit-class subclassing-specifier) | t
atomic-unit-class ::= unit-class | unit-class-name
subclassing-specifier ::= :plus-subclasses | :no-subclasses | + | =

The shorthand + subclasses specifier is equivalent to :plus-subclasses and = to :no-subclasses.

Suspending event printing is a convenient way of switching off event printing without losing event-printing enabled/disabled settings. Disabled event printing remains disabled if event printing is resumed (by using resume-event-printing).

The paths argument is either the symbol t (indicating all space instances) or a list representing a regular expression where the following reserved symbols are interpreted as follows:

= matches one occurrence in a space-instance path
? matches zero or one occurrence in a space-instance path
+ matches one or more occurrences in a space-instance path
* matches zero or more occurrences in a space-instance path
   ^    move to parent

See also

Suspend all event printing associated with possible-hyp unit instances:

  (suspend-event-printing 't 'possible-hyp)

Unit-instance-specific event functions are not yet implemented in GBBopen.

The GBBopen Project

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