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restart-control-shell   &key instance-name => result*[Function]

Restart the agenda shell named instance-name.

Package   :agenda-shell

Module   :agenda-shell

Arguments and values

instance-name     An object naming a control-shell instance (default is 1)
results     (see below)

One of the following sets of multiple values:

A control-shell-restarted-event is signaled.

The idle-loop process has not been started on CMUCL. Multiprocessing has not been started on LispWorks.

See also

Restart the Agenda Shell (in this case, without any KSs defined):

  > (restart-control-shell)
  ;; Control shell 1 restarting after cycle 2
  ;; No executable KSAs remain, exiting control shell
  ;; Control shell 1 exited: 4 cycles completed
  ;; Run time: 0 seconds
  ;; Elapsed time: 0 seconds

When a non-nil :run-polling-functions value is supplied to start-control-shell (the default on Common Lisp implementations without threads), run-polling-functions is called at the beginning of every control-shell-cycle and at one-half-second intervals when the Agenda Shell is hibernating due to quiescence.

The GBBopen Project

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