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read-queued-streaming-block   tag string-stream[Generic Function]

Reads a queued-streaming block.

Method signatures

read-queued-streaming-block  (tag t) string-stream

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :streaming

Arguments and values

tag     An object
string-stream     An input string stream

read-queued-streaming-block is called when a queued-streaming block is read; it should not be called directly.

See also

Write a method that prints the time a queued-streaming block was started (recorded as the block's tag) when the block is read from a journal file or network-streamer connection:

  (defmethod read-queued-streaming-block :around ((tag integer)
    (declare (ignorable string-stream))
    (format t "~&;; Reading ~a queued-streaming block...~%"
              (full-date-and-time tag))
    (format t "~&;; Reading queued-streaming block completed.~%"))

Write a method that prints a notice when an empty queued-streaming block (tagged with the tag :empty) has been read:

  (defmethod read-queued-streaming-block :after ((tag (eql ':empty))
    (declare (ignorable string-stream))
    (format t "~&;; An empty queued-streaming block was read.~%"))

The GBBopen Project

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