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queue-length   queue &optional recount-p => integer[Generic Function]

Return the length of queue.

Method signatures

queue-length  (queue queue) &optional recount-p => integer

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :queue

Arguments and values

queue     A GBBopen queue
recount-p     If true, actually counts the individual queue elements (default is nil)
integer     An integer

The queue length.

Normally queue-length simply returns a count that is maintained with the queue. Although highly unlikely, this count could become inaccurate if queue-element insertion or deletion operations are aborted in process. If recount-p is true, the elements are actually counted and then the count maintained with the queue is updated and returned.

Return the number of KSAs in the queue pending-ksas:

  > (queue-length pending-ksas)
Count and then return the actual number of KSAs in the queue pending-ksas:
  > (queue-length pending-ksas 't)

The GBBopen Project

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