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pending-ksas-of   control-shell => ordered-ksa-queue[Generic Reader]

Returns the pending KSAs queue of control-shell.

Method signatures

pending-ksas-of  (control-shell control-shell) => ordered-ksa-queue

Package   :agenda-shell

Module   :agenda-shell

Arguments and values

control-shell     A control-shell object
ordered-ksa-queue     An ordered-ksa-queue object

The pending KSAs queue object.

This generic function accesses the ordered-ksa-queue stored in the pending-ksas link slot of ksa. This value is maintained by the Agenda Shell and should not be changed.

See also

Show the control shell's pending KSAs queue (early in a :tutorial-example run):

  >  (show-queue (pending-ksas-of (current-control-shell)))
      0. #<ksa 7 random-walk-ks 100>
      1. #<ksa 1 count-center-locations-ks 90>
      2. #<ksa 4 print-walk-ks 80>(show-queue pending-ksas :end 5)

The GBBopen Project

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