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patch   (id date &key author description) form*[Macro]

Define a patch to a module.

Package   :module-manager

Module   :module-manager

Arguments and values

id     An object
date     A simple string representing a date (parsed by parse-date)
author     A string (default is "Anonymous")
description     A string or a proper list of strings (default is nil)
form     A form

The source file for a patch should be placed in a subdirectory named patches in the module's source-files directory.

If a patch cannot be defined as a single patch form, the more primitive start-patch, continue-patch, and finish-patch macros can be used to separate the patch into multiple top-level forms in the same patch file.

See also

Define a simple patch (in a file named my-app-p001.lisp in the patches subdirectory of the module):

  (patch (1 "06-22-08" 
            :author "Corkill"
            :description "A simple example patch")
      (printv "Simple example patch loaded!"))
and add the patch file to the :my-app module:
  (define-module :my-app
    (:requires :gbbopen-user)
    (:files "preamble"
            ("macros" :forces-recompile)
    (:patches "my-app-p001"))

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