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double-metaphone   string &optional extended-p => primary-index [, secondary-index][Function]

Compute the primary and secondary Double Metaphone phonetic-code strings of string.

Package   :gbbopen-tools

Module   :double-metaphone

Arguments and values

string     A string
extended-p     A generalized boolean (default is nil)
primary-index     A string
secondary-index     A string

One or two values: the primary and secondary phonetic-code strings. If there is no secondary code for string, only the primary string is returned.

If extended-p is nil, strict Double Metaphone encoding is used. If extended-p is true, additional encoding rules that separate sounds are used for “B” and “P,” for “D” and “T,” for “F” and “V,” and for “S” and “Z.”


  > (double-metaphone "testing")
  > (double-metaphone "Smith")
  > (double-metaphone "Schmidt")
  > (double-metaphone "batboy")
  > (double-metaphone "batboy" 't)
  > (double-metaphone "Barlow")
  > (double-metaphone "Barlow" 't)
  > (double-metaphone "buzz")
  > (double-metaphone "buzz" 't)

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