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describe-blackboard-repository   <no arguments>[Function]

Print information about the unit and space instances in the blackboard repository.

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Information is printed about the space instances in the blackboard repository and their contents. The total count of the unit instances of each unit class (including ones that do not reside on any space instance) is also printed, as well as a character that indicates if the unit class has been defined to be retained by delete-blackboard-repository. A plus sign indicates that the retention status will be propagated to subclasses of the unit class, while an asterisk (*) indicates a retain, But not propagated, status for the unit class.

The description is printed to the *standard-output* stream.


  > (describe-blackboard-repository)

  Space Instance              Contents
  --------------              --------
     hyps                     15223 Instances (hyp 1479; sensor-report 13744)
     probable-hyps            Empty
     rejected-hyps            216 Instances (hyp 216)

  Unit Class                  Instances
  ----------                  ---------
  control-shell                       1 *
  hyp                              1695
  ks                                 13 + 
  ksa                               891 +
  ksa-queue                           2 +
  ordered-ksa-queue                   1 +
  sensor-report                   13744
  standard-space-instance             3
                                  16350 instances

Describe-blackboard-repository can be invoked using the REPL command :dsbb.

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