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define-streamer-node   name &key host port documentation external-format package read-default-float-format => streamer-node[Macro]

Define or redefine a streamer node.

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :network-streaming

Arguments and values

name     An object naming the streamer node (not evaluated)
host     A 32-bit internet address or a string specifying the remote host (default "localhost")
port     An integer or a string specifying the service port (default is *default-network-stream-server-port*)
documentation     A documentation string or nil (default is nil)
passphrase     A string or nil (default is nil)
external-format     An external-file-format designator (default is :default)
package     A package designator indicating the package to be used when establishing a streaming connection to node (default is :common-lisp)
read-default-float-format     One of the atomic type specifiers short-float, single-float, double-float, or long-float to be used when establishing a streaming connection to streamer-node (default is single-float)
authorized-nodes     Needed (default is :all)
accepted-streamer-node-class     Needed (default is accepted-streamer-node)
accepted-streamer-node-initargs     Needed (default is nil)

The newly defined or modified streamer node object.

See also

Define a streamer node:

  > (define-streamer-node "me"
      :host ""
      :package ':gbbopen-user
      :passphrase "Who goes there?"
      :authorized-nodes '("you"))
  #<streamer-node "me">

Modifications to a streamer node object apply the next time that a network streamer is created for the streamer node—the changes to not affect an established network streamer.

The GBBopen Project

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