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Date and Time

The :gbbopen-tools module includes useful date and time parsing and formatting entities.

In addition to UTC offsets, time-of-day entities support the following time-zone abbreviations for standard-time (non-daylight-savings) offsets:

Offset     Zone     Locations
1 WAT West Africa (also Cape Verdes Islands, Atlantic Ocean)
2 AT Azores
7/2 NST Newfoundland
4 AST Atlantic
5 EST Eastern (North America)
6 CST Central (North America)
7 MST Mountain (North America)
8 PST Pacific (North America)
9 AKST Alaska
10 HAST Hawaii-Aleutian
11 NT Nome
12 IDLW International Dateline West
0 GMT Greenwich (also Portugal, Reykjavik (Iceland), Western Africa)
-1 CET Central European (also Algeria, Nigeria, Angola)
-2 EET Eastern European (also Finland, Balkans, Libya, Egypt, South Africa)
-3 MSK Moscow (also Baghdad, Eastern Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania)
-4 ZP4 Samara (Russia Zone 3)
-5 ZP5 Yekaterinburg (Russia Zone 4)
-11/2 IST Indian
-6 ZP6 Omsk (Russia Zone 5), Bangladesh)
-7 WAST West Austrailian Standard (also Christmas Island, Krasnoyarsk (Russia Zone 6), Western Indonesia)
-8 AWST Australian Western (also Irkutsk (Russia Zone 7), China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Central Indonesia)
-9 JST Japan (also Yakutsk (Russia Zone 8), Korea, Eastern Indonesia)
-19/2 ACST Australian Central
-10 AEST Australian Eastern (also Vladivostok (Russia Zone 9), Papua New Guinea)
-21/2 NFT Norfolk (Island)
-12 NZST New Zealand (also Kamchatka (Russia), Fiji, Marshall Islands)

and for daylight-savings-time offsets:

Offset     Zone     Locations
5/2 NDT Newfoundland Daylight
3 ADT Atlantic Daylight
4 EDT Eastern Daylight (North America)
5 CDT Central Daylight (North America)
6 MDT Mountain Daylight (North America)
7 PDT Pacific Daylight (North America)
8 AKDT Alaska Daylight
9 HADT Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight
-1 BST British Summer
-2 CEDT Central European Daylight
-3 EEDT Eastern European Daylight
-4 MSD Moscow Daylight
-9 AWDT Australian Western Daylight
-21/2 ACSD Australian Central Daylight
-11 AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight

Time-zone abbreviations used around the world are not unique or universal. The same hour offset can map onto multiple different zone abbreviations, and the same abbreviations are also used to refer to different zones. The above choices of supported abbreviations were made arbitrarily, and the use of UTC offsets is recommended for unambiguous textual representation of the time of day.


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