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brief-run-time-duration   internal-time-units &optional maximum-fields destination => result[Function]

Format a run-time duration (in internal-time-units) into brief descriptive text.

Package   :gbbopen-tools

Module   :gbbopen-tools

Arguments and values

internal-time-units     A number
maximum-fields     An integer from 1–5 indicating maximum number of fields to include in the descriptive string (default is 5, indicating all fields should be included)
destination     Either nil, t, a stream, or a string with a fill pointer (default is nil)
result     A string or nil

If destination is non-nil, then nil; otherwise, a string.

The internal-time-units run-time duration is rounded to the nearest 100th of a second before conversion. Fields omitted by maximum-fields cause appropriate rounding of the generated description.

See also


  > internal-time-units-per-second
  > (brief-run-time-duration 1000)
  > (brief-run-time-duration 5)
  > (brief-run-time-duration 6)
  > most-positive-fixnum
  > (brief-run-time-duration most-positive-fixnum)
  "6d 5h 7m 50.94s"

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