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allowed-unit-classes-of   space-instance => extended-unit-classes-specification-list[Generic Function]

Return the extended unit-classes specifications of unit classes whose instances are allowed on a space instance.

Method signatures

allowed-unit-classes-of  (space-instance standard-space-instance) => extended-unit-class-specification-list

Package   :gbbopen

Module   :gbbopen-core

Arguments and values

space-instance     A space instance
extended-unit-classes-specification-list     A proper list

A list of extended unit-classes specifications; t, if instances of any unit class are allowed on the space instance; or nil, if no unit instances are allowed on the space instance

See also

Return the extended unit-classes specifications describing the allowed classes that can have their unit instances stored on the (bb hyps) space instance:

  > (allowed-unit-classes-of '(bb hyps))
  ((hyp :plus-subclasses))

The GBBopen Project

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